Car Dealer Key Storage

Are you looking for a car dealer key storage system, if you are you need to do your research as to which car dealer key storage solution is the best for you and your dealership.

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Car Dealer Key Storage Solution

With large car dealerships, they are many vehicle keys that need to be stored in the correct manner , so that keys will not be misplaced or lost. This can be a costly mistake to any car dealership, replacing a vehicle’s keys does not come cheap, and having to replace multiple sets is not good business sense.

So a car dealer key storage system is what we recommend, there are various ones on the market, such as mechanical systems, key equipment boards, and cabinets. There are simple solutions such a pegboard where you have an allocated peg that you use to remove a vehicle key, sp, when someone is looking for a key and its not there the person’s peg (which can be a specific colour or have your initials on), will show you who has the missing key so it is accountable.

There are lockable safes & cabinets that can also be used for car dealer key storage, ones with keypads with access codes or unique keys so that only certain people can access them.

There is also key control software that can be used to record who has the vehicle keys. This can be used on a mobile so it can be used wherever you are as long as you have your mobile phone with you. It gives you and your business total flexibility when storing your vehicle keys.

There are drop-off & collection lockers that can be used to return keys to a dealership out of hours so that a customer can just drop them off once they are given an access code.